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Establishing a business company in Egypt

Business in Egypt, Trade Business in Egypt, trading in Hurghada, real estate in Hurghada or Sharm-El-Sheikh

Ayman Sultan Law Firm, a Cairo law firm, is an international company that specializes in business law and criminal law as its two principal activities. Our services include establishing businesses (branch offices) in Egypt,legal support for businesses, support in creating documents for commercial organizations, and developing an international business with Egypt (import / export of goods from Egypt into other countries).


What businesses can you start in Egypt?

The company resides in Cairo, but we have setup regular business trips that our employees take to other cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The most common ways of collaboration with our company include:

  1. Organizing business in Hurghada
    • Hotel business – hotel rental in Hurghada (renting the building), land acquisition and constructing a building for use as a Hotel in Hurghada. Organizing and legally supporting the company registration in Hurghada.
    • Tourism business in Hurghada. Registering individual projects or companies in Hurghada, providing legal papers and acquiring licenses.
    • Real estate in Hurghada – providing documents, acquiring licenses and business certificates for a real estate business in Hurghada. Help in organizing the business – choosing the office, checking the documents, settling agreements.
    • Restaurant business – it’s quite profitable to open a restaurant in Hurghada. It’s a lucrative business, especially in the downtown where numerous hotels are located, and the tourists that accompany them. Our company offers a “turnkey service” — from taking care of the documents to handing you over the key to the premises.
    • Trading in Hurghada – creating both small private companies for trading imported goods with foreigners as well as huge networked trading organizations (product chain networks, textile, home appliances).
  2. International business in Cairo:
    • Industry business in Cairo–organizing energy corporations and supporting them legally. Energy business in Egypt– a growing direction that allows using solar energy and wind for energy receivers.
    • Business on the Suez canal, at Port Said – organizing Duty Free companies at the port and marinas. Organizing hotel companies (stations, marinas) for ships that are crossing the canal.
    • Gas and Oil business in Cairo – organizing the import/export process (with a Build-Own-Transport contract) of gas and oil in Egypt, at gas stations in Cairo or its neighboring cities.
    • Delivery of construction and lifting equipment to the Suez canal, to Egypt and Cairo.
    • Trade business in Egypt (Cairo and other cities) –organizing trading companies, large chain companies that are delivering produce from China, Korea, the U.S., Germany, Italy, and Spain. Textile business, product business, privately consumed goods, imported home electronics (China), cars from Russia, China and Korea in Cairo.
  3. Exporting goods in Alexandria
    • Exporting goods from Egypt– the exports of products, vegetables, fruit, sugar, and cotton from Egypt are the largest. Alexandria is a port for selling and sending ships off to Europe and Russia.
    • Importing goods into Egypt also commences through the port of Alexandira. Many trade businesses deliver produce to Cairo, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh both for the locals as well as for the tourists that live or are visiting these cities. Our company offers organizing trade and import companies in Egypt, as well as controlling the documents, seller certificates for export companies, controlling product exporters in Egypt.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE CLIENTS – minumal taxes 1500$ for the opening a company in Egypt.

What includes:

  • Signing the contract between law firm and Client;
  • Getting the security permission;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • Getting the ressidence visa for a client;
  • Getting the taxes certificate;
  • Getting the commercial registration certificate.

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Why us

Customers who choose the Ayman Sultan Law Firm can be certain that we have the expertise, skill, and knowledge to handle any type of legal issue. We are proud of providing its clients personal service of the highest quality in order to obtain desirable results.

Moreover, you can be sure that all of your calls and emails will be promptly answered by our specialists.

  1. We are legal licensed company (includes to the document’s kit)
  2. Lawyer Associate Bar ID is level 3 from 4 (includes to the document’s kit)
  3. Realized projects – 200+
  4. Won cases – 100+
  5. Working with a signed Official Client Contract
Mr. Ayman Sultan Muhammad Khalifa
Criminal & Commercial Lawyer. PhD Candidate (Arabic, English)
Full-specialized professional lawyer in International Law. Excellent expirience in criminal and commercial cases, financial frauds. Attorneys with a win-win expirience in Family and Personal Law.
Mr. Emad Abd Elaziz Elborginy
Labor & Business Lawyer (Arabic, English)
Good oriented in any labor cases and business starting companies. Contract legal support for new organizations and middle business.
Ms. Nabila Beneddine (Algeria Office, Algeria)
International Lawyer of Family Law, Real Estate Law & Tourism Law (Arabic, French)
Full-specialized partner in MIddle East cases. Most expirience and high degree of wins in family law and real estate case development. Good experience in Tourism Intrenational Law. Providing of any cases in Algeria and Middle East for french Customers and Partners.
Mr. Hamed Ashref Moustafa (Syria Office, Aleppo)
Family Lawyer, Consultant in international marriage (Arabic, English)
High-specialized lawyer in family and civil law according to international marriages in Islam. Arabic marriage and international marriage in Egypt.
Useful Information
Attorney of any complexity 14.02.2017

The law company in Egypt of Ayman Sultan is the team of professional certified lawyer and consultants who work in different fields of jurisprudence. Perfect prepared lawyers are available in Cairo, Hurghada and Sharm-El-Sheikh.

Naturalization 14.02.2017

A person may be naturalized as an Egyptian citizen after at least 10

The consolidation and integration the companies according to Egypt legal system 31.07.2016

It is an important legal action to integrate two or more companies, sometimes it is necessary for multi-international trade between countries. The Egypt legal system special under the investment law they are caring more with such legal actions. But any way it is something possible to do it, and to get some benefits from that specially for more extension in your business.

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