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We can provide any legal help with any level of complexity. Long experience of our attorneys is the first foundation to build a good defending strategy or for a exact successful claim

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Welcome to our lawfirm in Egypt

The Ayman Sultan Law Firm is an Egypt based law firm that offers its clients first-class legal services throughout Egypt and a number of other countries including United Arab Emirates, USA and Russia. Our company strives to offer all its clients a personal, professional, affordable, and competent legal representation that our customers expect and deserve. At the Ayman Sultan Law Firm, our customers’ best interests are always a top priority.

Criminal law

Any complexity of crimes in Egypt: theft, murder, weapon, drugs. Claims and defence in court. Crime investigation

Crimes in Egypt - defence in court, claims

Commercial law

Establishing a new business in Egypt: import/export, opening company, registering a new entity

Opening a new company in Egypt, import, export - photo

Family law

Marriage and divorces in Egypt. International cases in general. Inheritance, custody, certificates

Family law in Egypt - international marriages and divorces - photo


Translating, legalizing, notarizing documents in Egypt, Russia, USA. Powers of attorney, certificates, legal records

Notary issues with legalization of documents in Egypt - pitcure

Real Estate

Checking contracts for legal agreements, validation of signature, green-contracts, claim in court of buyers

Real estate problems solving with lawyer in Egypt - photo


Legal advices and strategy of work. Appointment in office with lawyers or legal consultants

Legal law consultation with lawyer in Egypt - photo
Experience and mission

Some words about lawfirm and lawyers

We closely work with several professional attorneys and some partners in different countries. Attorneys work directly in court. The Head of the office Mr. Ayman Sultan Muhammad is a high experienced attorney with more than 15 years of practice in commercial, criminal and family law as mostly required. Financial consultants are always involved into any process of commercial questions. Notary partners are available in Cairo, and also in Moscow for legalizing and notarizing documents all over Russia. And also, there is a partner working with family records, certificates, visas and green card issues alongside the U.S departments.

We work with several Embassies in Cairo (in their lawyers list). They are: the USA Embassy, Russian Embassy, the United Kingdom Embassy, Embassy of Argentina and Greek Embassy.

We have variable cases in different fields. Commercial cases for opening companies and international marriage cases are usually fast projects and take not more than 2 months, including preparing and legalizing all the documents, and checking by National Security department. Criminal cases can take from 2-3 months to years.

We also have some few cases which are being managed since 2013-2014 - they are related to frozen real estate projects in Hurghada and Sharm-el-Sheikh. For real estate, as well as for signing agreements with exporters from Egypt, it is the best and the easiest way to make a legal investigation, and then, to agree and to sign the contracts.

International divorce cases from a wife's side will take from 6 to 12 months, depending on the existence of children, religion, and family issues.

The mission of the Ayman Sultan Law Firm is to provide each of our clients with the finest representation possible, to ensure our clients receive the best results in each and every case. To make certain the mission of the Ayman Sultan Law Firm is successful, we thoroughly review each of our client's case, while effectively communicating with them. In the end, the Ayman Sultan Law Firm believes in surpassing all expectations, solving all problems, and treating its customers with respect and dignity they deserve. And this is our biggest target as well.

Owing to our efforts, we have earned good reviews and recommendations from our clients. We are proud we could help some people in very hard situations. We are thankful when we hear good words of blessings to us. We appreciate our clients who we already have and who is coming up soon!

Practice and experience areas

We gained some experience in many legal areas. It has been fifteen years of hard daily work, mistakes and success. We gathered a good team, and our projects are more than 90% chance of success, owing to very detailed and deep analysis of every single one of our team's representative. And the most important thing we believe in, is when an attorney understands the case is weak, he says it to the client directly. And we always have several solutions to act. Sometimes there are different ways of handling the case that can totally change the way of hearing in front of a judge.

  • Establishing companies in Egypt
  • Commercial dispute resolution
  • Financier and accountant for business
  • Import’s and Export’s checking of companies and contracts
  • Criminal defence in Egypt
  • Financial and commercial crimes
  • Arrested in police office, airport office
  • Appeals in court
  • Notarizing and legalizing documents in Egypt, Russia, USA
  • Visa’s problems resolutions in Egypt
  • Marriage, death, birth, divorce certificates from the U.S., green cards problems
  • Family issues: international marriages, divorces, inheritance, custody in Egypt
Facts of work

What we achieved

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Years of work




Won cases


Partners over the world


Countries of clients


Commercial deals
Ayman Sultan Law Firm
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Yulianna VYulianna V
17:05 30 Jul 22
Mr. Ayman was recommended to me. He speaks good English himself, he is smart and educated, it’s interesting talking to him. He has a Russian speaking colleague Yulia. They both have an experience of dealing with Russian speaking customers. Mr. Ayman read the info about my case, gave his opinion and agreed to help to arrange my meeting with a public prosecutor. Hope to update this reference soon with an info about successfully arranged meeting. I can recommend Mr.Ayman.Мистера Аймана мне порекомендовали. Он хорошо говорит по-английски, он умный и образованный, общаться с ним интересно. У него есть русскоговорящая коллега Юлия. У них обоих есть опыт ведения дел русскоговорящих клиентов. Мистер Айман прочитал информацию о моем кейсе, высказал свое мнение и согласился помочь назначить дату моей личной встречи с прокурором. Надеюсь скоро дополнить этот отзыв информацией об успешно назначенной встрече. Мистера Аймана рекомендую.
Zulfiya IldusovnaZulfiya Ildusovna
15:37 24 Jun 22
Очень благодарна адвокату Айману его помощнице Юлии и всему коллективу,за профессиональный подход к каждой моей проблеме, и просьбе.Обращалась не раз к ним за помощью в сложных вопросах,и каждый раз они уделяли тщательное внимание моим проблемам.Сейчас тяжело найти профессионалов своего дела. Рекомендую их всем ,и друзьям и знакомым как из России так и за рубежом!! Если искать профессионалов своего дела,то только к ним!!!Процветания,успехов и бараката в дальнейшем!!!
Isabel GobbiIsabel Gobbi
11:02 05 Apr 22
Mr Ayman is an excellent lawyer always available and with honest and straight forwards resolutions. Over the years he was able to help me with a complex issue and the resolution was very positive. I will definitively go back to him if I have any future legal matters to resolve.
Zeeshan MehdiZeeshan Mehdi
08:42 05 Apr 22
I highly recommend Ayman's law firm as your go to firm for any legal requirements especially if you are based out side of Egypt and are not Arabic speakers. Ayman was courteous, explained the the complete process and break down of all the costs relating to out need. Furthermore, neither of us are Egyptians which made the legal requirement even more complex to comprehend. However, Ayman performed all the tasks admirably and shipped the legalized documents back to us in Dubai as requested in a timely manner.
Zeeshan MehdiZeeshan Mehdi
08:42 05 Apr 22
أوصي بشدة بمكتب أيمن للمحاماة لأنك تسعى إلى العمل في أي متطلبات قانونية خاصة إذا كنت مقيمًا خارج مصر ولست من المتحدثين باللغة العربية. كان أيمن مهذبًا ، وشرح العملية الكاملة وتفصيل جميع التكاليف المتعلقة بالحاجة الخارجية. علاوة على ذلك ، لا أحد منا مصريين مما جعل فهم المتطلبات القانونية أكثر تعقيدًا. ومع ذلك ، قام أيمن بتنفيذ جميع المهام بشكل رائع وشحن المستندات المصدق عليها إلينا في دبي كما هو مطلوب في الوقت المناسب.
Jackie TravelsJackie Travels
21:09 03 Apr 22
I always depend on Mr Ayman. He gives good advice and when things need to be done he does them. Have had him for years in many legal matters. Easy and available with any questions and responses. Someone you can trust. Highly recommend
RooRoo ARooRoo A
17:44 03 Apr 22
My experience with Ayman Sultan was excellent. My attorney, Ayman gave my case all the time and attention that was needed to be successful in court. He worked tirelessly on my behalf to make sure that the outcome turned out perfectly in my favor. He has stood by every one of my requests and guided me through the entire process. He was a calming and confident presence during a very difficult time and that was very comforting. Although I acquired his services through a very tough time, I never once was treated as anything other than a valuable client by Mr. Sultan. Without the help of Ayman, I would not have had the successful outcome that I had. I am very happy and very much appreciate the knowledge, support and outcome I received from Ayman Sultan Law Firm. I will only recommend Ayman Sultan Law Firm as I have never been nor have I ever seen anyone treated better in Egypt.
RooRoo ARooRoo A
17:44 03 Apr 22
تجربتي مع أيمن سلطان كانت ممتازة. محامي أيمن أعطى قضيتي كل الوقت والاهتمام اللازمين للنجاح في المحكمة. لقد عمل بلا كلل نيابة عني للتأكد من أن النتيجة جاءت في مصلحتي تمامًا. لقد وقف عند كل طلب من طلباتي ووجهني خلال العملية برمتها. لقد كان حضوراً هادئاً وواثقاً خلال وقت صعب للغاية وكان ذلك مريحاً للغاية. على الرغم من أنني حصلت على خدماته خلال وقت صعب للغاية ، إلا أنني لم أعامل مرة واحدة كعميل قيم من قبل السيد سلطان. بدون مساعدة أيمن ، لم أكن لأحقق النتيجة الناجحة التي حصلت عليها. أنا سعيد جدًا وأقدر كثيرًا المعرفة والدعم والنتيجة التي تلقيتها من مكتب أيمن سلطان للمحاماة. سأوصي فقط بمكتب أيمن سلطان للمحاماة لأنني لم أشاهد ولم أر أحداً يُعامل بشكل أفضل في مصر.
RooRoo ARooRoo A
17:44 03 Apr 22
Мой опыт работы с Айманом Султаном был превосходным. Мой адвокат Айман уделял моему делу все время и внимание, которые были необходимы для успеха в суде. Он неустанно работал от моего имени, чтобы убедиться, что результат оказался в мою пользу. Он поддерживал каждую мою просьбу и сопровождал меня на протяжении всего процесса. Он был успокаивающим и уверенным присутствием в очень трудное время, и это было очень утешительно. Хотя я приобрел его услуги в очень трудные времена, г-н Султан ни разу не относился ко мне как к чему-то другому, кроме как к ценному клиенту. Без помощи Аймана у меня не было бы того успешного результата, который у меня был. Я очень счастлив и очень ценю знания, поддержку и результат, которые я получил от юридической фирмы Айман Султан. Я буду рекомендовать только юридическую фирму Айман Султан, так как я никогда не был и не видел, чтобы кто-то обращался лучше в Египте.
Большое спасибо адвокату Айману Султану, его коллективу и русскому консультанту Юлии за проявленный интерес к нашей ситуации, за сочувствие, за помощь, которая так была нужна в тот момент. Спасибо за то, что помогли моим детям и внукам получить нужные документы в Каире и спокойно без всяких проблем уехать из страны. Мы бесконечно рады и рекомендуем компанию всем нашим друзьям в Ростове, Краснодаре и Махачкалеф
Tina F.Tina F.
18:31 29 Mar 22
Mr. Ayman is an excellent lawyer. As his client, I have felt, that I have been well supported for years... especially as a person. He is always available, does everything quickly and with the utmost perfection. He never tires of explaining things and thus making complicated facts or laws understandable. You notice his personal interest in really wanting to help in every minute. This creates a deep basis of trust. I couldn't imagine a better attorney or law firm. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! YOU ARE MORE THAN 5 STARS ??????...
Tina F.Tina F.
18:31 29 Mar 22
السيد أيمن محامٍ ممتاز. بصفتي موكله ، شعرت أنني تلقيت دعمًا جيدًا لسنوات ... خاصة كشخص. إنه موجود دائمًا ، يفعل كل شيء بسرعة وبأقصى درجات الكمال. لا يتعب أبدًا من شرح الأشياء وبالتالي جعل الحقائق أو القوانين المعقدة مفهومة. تلاحظ اهتمامه الشخصي برغبته حقًا في المساعدة في كل دقيقة. هذا يخلق أساسًا عميقًا للثقة. لم أستطع تخيل محامي أفضل أو شركة محاماة. شكرا لكم على كل شيء! أنت أكثر من 5 نجوم ?????? ...
esra gadallaesra gadalla
11:28 29 Mar 22
Mr. Ayman Sultan is the best lawyer. I tried different lawyers for my case but not one was able to help me as he did. He is professional, competent, and assertive. I highly recommend him.الأستاذ أيمن سلطان أفضل محامي. لقد وكلت محامين مختلفين في قضيتي ولكن لم يتمكن أحد من مساعدتي كما فعل هوا. إنه محترف وكُفء وحازم . أنا أوصي به للغاية.
Спасибо коллективу, немного далековато и процесс очень затянулся, но результат оправдал в итоге все ожидания. У нас был личный иск по поводу шантажа и мошенничества в сфере недвижимости в Каире. Сейчас вопрос решен, осталось только дополучить несколько важных документов. Тем не менее, компанию могу рекомендовать, как добросовестную
Lee ChanLee Chan
18:44 04 Aug 18
لقد واجهت مشاكل شخصيه التى لا يمكن إلا لمحامى أن يساعد فى حلها..لقد استخدمت شركه المحاماه هذه لعده سنوات وقام المحامى ايمن بالفوز بقضيتى ..جزيل الشكر للمساعده وأسلوب العمل المتميز

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Litigation, Arbitration and Resolution of Disputes

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