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Official marriage contract in Egypt

EID PROMO! Works until 15.09.2016! The procedures of preparing of the marriage contract with or without coming of sides (or only wife) – 550$ (instead of…

EID PROMO! Works until 15.09.2016!

The procedures of preparing of the marriage contract with or without coming of sides (or only wife) – 550$ (instead of 1000$)

We offer:

  1. Signing the contract of services between Client and Law Firm;
  2. Payment in two steps: the advance is 500$, the rest is 350$ by a fact of signing the marriage document;
  3. EXTRA-DISCOUNT: If Client pays 100% of the sum directly then extra-discount works – minus 50$. The procedure will cost 500$.

Our company guarantee the result and prove our words by the Services Contract with our law firm where we describe all the details and deals with a customer that is the marriage between Egyptian citizen and foreigner wife. We are sure in results that attorneys may sign the marriage without coming of both sides because we did it not one time. For that we have papers to show, watch it:

contract_Hurghada_AiF contract_CairoSaudi_yata

Everything is simple: the attorney makes a package of the document that needs from a foreigner wife for the process. When she complete the documents according to the plan she will send it to Egypt. All the documents have to be legalized from her country at notaries, ministries of foreign affairs and Embassy of Egypt.

At the same time the husband makes a Power of Attorney according to the conditions that Law Firm gave him. All of that is necessary for making marriage in Egypt without husband and wife by attorneys.

After all the documents will be done the lawyers of our Law Firm collect the rest of inquiries and information and go directly to sign an original marriage. Wife and husband will get a copies of their contract after totally completion of financial questions by a Service Contract.
SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE CLIENTS – minumal taxes 500$ for the official marriage in Egypt.

What includes:

  • Signing the contract between law firm and Client;
  • Getting the marriage permission (or getting the permission with wife);
  • Getting the visa permission, husband permission, requeired documents
  • Paying the taxes;
  • Getting the official marriage contract.

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