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Canada: visas for citizens of the Russian Federation, Egypt and other countries

Obtaining a visa to Canada, questionnaires, documents, consultation of a migration lawyer in Egypt

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Visas to Canada from Egypt also provide for the possibility of issuing several types of visas in our agency for citizens of Egypt and citizens of other states residing in Egypt or temporarily staying:

  1. Tourist visas to Canada from Egypt
  2. Work, business visas to Canada from Egypt
  3. Study visas to Canada from Egypt
  4. Refugees to Canada

Our agency can solve all issues related to the issuance of visas together with you online. You will need to wait for an appointment at the consulate, provide all the necessary documents to apply for visas, undergo a fingerprinting and verification procedure here in Cairo at the Canadian Consulate certification centers, in some cases undergo a medical examination, provide bank statements if necessary.

After going through all the procedures for a non-urgent issue, a visa decision can be issued even online, you just have to visit the Canadian Consulate in Cairo at the right time and get a physical visa.

In addition to obtaining visas at the Canadian Consulate, Egyptian citizens can draw up documents on notarial matters, for example, powers of attorney for representatives in Canada to manage property, represent in courts and other bodies. Avoid third party companies that offer guaranteed jobs in Canada or guaranteed visas and 100% admission to Canadian universities. No one can give a guarantee of obtaining a job, study or visa, except for authorized bodies. Even if you were hired or you passed the entrance exams to the university, you can easily be denied a visa after checking your data by the security service. This is especially true for the citizens of Egypt, who have a poor income, no position in the passport, no official employment, perhaps there is no even education, and much more. Complete the verification procedure for the possibility of obtaining a Canadian visa or studying in Canada – leave an application online, the procedure is for a few.

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