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Contracts for import-export agreements

Legal due diligence through the judiciary of pre-contracted suppliers from and to Egypt. Checking their licenses, lawsuits against them, bankruptcy, and work history.

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Verification of contracts for the import / export of products from Egypt (to Egypt) is carried out in accordance with the legislative norms of the Arab Republic of Egypt for the performance of these types of work and an official request to the ARE commercial department for verification of the exporter or importer. Egypt has a lot of different types of exports to other countries and, first of all, this is an agricultural field. A lot of cases are related to the delivery of low-quality goods from Egypt or the non-delivery of goods at all. At the same time, the majority of contractors work not for the first time together with Western countries or European partners.

Each contract that we see when clients contact us contains a very important clause – proceedings in court, and in each of them the Arbitration Court is indicated at the place of presentation of the claim. In fact, this is an arbitration court in the city where your legal entity is registered. The arbitrator will rule in your favor without any hesitation. However, it is a very difficult process to implement such a resolution in the territory of the ARE. The local court will compare international laws in such a way that the decision of the European or Western court takes place on the territory of Egypt. And this is not always easy – cases of this kind take years, sometimes even decades. This is exactly what companies are counting on if they simply do not want to return the money or be responsible for a poorly delivered product.

Fraud is very common. To check the company against the official list of exporters of Egypt is an official request based on a pre-signed agreement between the parties and on a power of attorney issued to a lawyer in Egypt. It’s 2-3 months at least. Therefore, consumers are always in a hurry to sign a contract.
Do not sign contracts with unverified contractors, even if they were advised to you by someone you once met in Egypt. Entrust the verification procedure to a lawyer.

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