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Real Estate in Egypt (Green contract and Residence visa)

What about to buy a real estate in the resorts of the Red Sea or Cairo? There are more than 200 agencies of real estate...

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Establishing a business company in Egypt

Business in Egypt, Trade Business in Egypt, trading in Hurghada, real estate in Hurghada or Sharm-El-Sheikh Ayman Sultan Law Firm, a Cairo law firm, is...

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Promotion! Official marriage contract – 600$ in Egypt

The official document of Marriage Contract for husband and wife in Egypt – it is only 600$ NOW (4800 L.E.) by a professional lawfirm. Our...

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Official marriage contract in Egypt

EID PROMO! Works until 15.09.2016! The procedures of preparing of the marriage contract with or without coming of sides (or only wife) – 550$ (instead of...

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Visa to Russia for citizen of Egypt (Egyptian)

The Russian Federation allows the entrance across the board for citizens of Egypt by the four types of visas at that moment: Touristic visa (30...

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Rape, indecent assault and Corruption of Morals in Egypt criminal system

These types of crimes are totally contrary with the nature of the Egyptian social life, as it is one of the Middle East Islamic countries...

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The implementation of the arbitration award in Egypt

The first point which has to be known about the implementation of the arbitration award in Egypt is that the conditions stipulated by Egyptian law...

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Business in Egypt. How to escape problems with the law? Lawyer services in Egypt

Numerous foreigners are running a business of their own in the largest cities of Egypt. Many wealthy states are selling Egyptian produce: fruit and vegetables,...

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Women’s Rights after Divorce in Egypt, According to Egyptian Family Law (Sharia)

First of all, it should be acknowledged that, of all lawful acts, divorce is the one most disliked in the eyes of Allah. This is...

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Foreigner’s crimes in Egypt (Cairo, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh)

This article is dedicated to a questions of your safety in Egypt as residents there or tourists. If you do not know how to act...

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