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USA: visas for citizens of the Russian Federation, Egypt and other countries

Obtaining a visa to the USA, questionnaires, documents, consultation of a migration lawyer in Egypt

Citizens of the Arab Republic of Egypt and other Arab states are eligible for US tourist visas, and if they are related to US citizens or win the lottery, they are also eligible for US resident visas.

It takes an average of 1 year to process US tourist visas in Egypt, and appointments are scheduled for the following year when you apply, so you need to plan your vacation in advance for a trip for tourism purposes. However, sometimes the department can transfer your appointment to more close dates as it happened to some of our clients.

If you have a valid reason for an urgent trip, such as work, study, medical treatment, then you must also send documents to us in advance for processing an urgent request for visas for study or work, for medical examination or treatment. The US Consulate in Egypt does not respond as quickly as you would expect, some cases of urgent matters are not considered at all because they are contrary to the policy of the local consular department.

We offer consultation services on paperwork, as well as assistance in the following types of US visas:

  1. Study and student visas F, J, M
  2. Tourist visas B1, B2
  3. Work visas
  4. US immigrant visas
  5. Visas for the return of US citizens SB1

To process requests for green cards, you must also first contact a consultant to verify that there is a legal basis for obtaining a green card. It is important to understand that the procedure for obtaining is the same, a green card is not issued by a consulate in Egypt – a visa is issued that allows a citizen of Egypt or other Arab states to travel to the United States in order to obtain a green card. This is 60 days after arrival in the US. An important issue in obtaining a green card is the sponsor (he is also the applicant) – a person who, through family ties, transfers the right to be a US resident to the recipient. The sponsor is required to provide an annual income that equals 125% of the minimum income in the respective state of residence, based on the number of family members living together in the same residence (a pregnant woman counts as 2 members). As of March 1, 2022 Sponsor’s minimum annual income for two resident spouses is $22,887 and for three family members it’s $28,787 + Sponsor and Referral Sponsor (if any) must report taxes paid for the most recent year and three previous years by the standard form.

US visa consultation – leave a request via the contact form or via whatsapp, do not call, applications are accepted only online.

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