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Real Estate Legal Services in Egypt

Real Estate Legal Services in Egypt Whether you need to do a real estate transaction or if you are going through a real estate law…

Real Estate Legal Services in Egypt

Whether you need to do a real estate transaction or if you are going through a real estate law dispute, you will need to have a real estate lawyer by your side to guide you through the whole process. Real estate law is comprised of a variety of issues including property taxes, foreclosures, easement disputes, property deeds, neighbor relations, various types of mortgages, real estate warranties, buying/selling real estate and getting insurance. If you live in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, or Qatar, and you wish to find a lawyer knowledgeable in these fields, then Ayman Sultan Law Firm is the place to turn to.

What should I do if I wish to buy real estate?

If you wish to buy a home, chances are that this is going to be the biggest financial transaction of your life. Thus, it is necessary to be prepared, since you may encounter an issue on any stage of the process. Everyone thinks that choosing the right home in the right neighborhood is of primary importance, and they are right. However, it is also very important to know how to buy your new house, how to haggle, and how to name the right price. Also, before you sign any contracts, you should ensure that the repairs are made, deed is prepared and the house is inspected. You should gather as much information on your new home as possible, and if the seller is trying to withhold some information from you, it is a clear sign of trouble. Make sure you find out all the potentially damaging facts about the property including:

  • Does the property create any zoning violations?
  • Does the property contain any environmental hazards?
  • Are there any restrictions or covenants on the property that would limit its use?
  • Will the mortgage change as time goes on?
  • Was the property’s value accurately estimated?
  • Can you afford the real estate taxes?

You can easily protect yourself from all the issues listed above by simply taking some time to discover all the needed information before buying real estate and consulting a real estate lawyer in Egypt to avoid any potential problems.

Real Estate Law Disputes

Real estate disputes encompass a broad range of issues including construction contracts, deeds, defects, and title problems. Besides these common problems, real estate disputes also include boundary disputes, encroachment, nuisance, trespassing, and injuries on property. Additionally, disputes often occur when a person is unable to pay their mortgage payments. In such cases, a mortgage lender forecloses on the property in order to make the homeowner pay the debts. As a result of foreclosure, the lender can repossess the property and sell it to another person. It is essential to hire a real estate attorney when you are involved in such a process. Your real estate attorney might even be able to help you to avoid the foreclosure process altogether. No matter what kind of real estate dispute you are going through, it is always advisable to consult a real estate attorney, and Ayman Sultan Law Firm located in Egypt can provide you with all the legal advice you might need.

Should You Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

Since a real estate transaction will most likely be the biggest and the most important purchase in your lifetime, it is important to hire a real estate lawyer to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly. No matter if you’re buying, selling, or going through any other real estate transaction, a lawyer will be able to help you. The process of real estate dispute involves a lot of stages during which people can make mistakes. Such mistakes might cost you a lot of money, and, in the worst case scenario, you might even lose your property. Thus, if you live in Egypt and wish to go through a real estate transaction, turn to Ayman Sultan Law Firm. We will make sure to provide you with solicitors that have a boundless knowledge and experience of resolving problems that you are facing.

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