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Birth and citizenship of a child

Obtaining citizenship by a child in Egypt if the child was born in this country

When your child is born on the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt from both Russian parents or from a Russian mother and an Egyptian father (the most common case), then the mother receives some kind of a certificate from the maternity hospital stating that a child was born from such and such parents. For both Russian citizens, this certificate must be submitted to the consulate of the Russian Federation in order to obtain a birth certificate of a citizen of the Russian Federation. Separately follows the procedure for the adoption of a child in the citizenship of the Russian Federation. From both Russian parents, a child born in Egypt automatically has Russian citizenship, but it is simply necessary to apply for citizenship at the consulate.

If the mother is Russian and the father is Egyptian, then the father after the birth of a child receives a document confirming the birth of the child in Egypt, which also indicates the mother and father, full name, date of birth, place of birth and citizenship of the child. A child whose one of the parents is an Egyptian citizen also receives the right of citizenship, he is also an Egyptian citizen, which does not refute his right to become a Russian citizen.

The mother, together with the father or with the written permission of the father, must in the same way submit documents to the consulate for a birth certificate and, as a separate procedure, for admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation. After being granted citizenship on the same day, the mother can apply for a passport of a small citizen of Egypt-Russia. Again, based on the article on obtaining passports by citizens of the Russian Federation in Egypt, after receiving a clean passport, parents (with the presence of a father, preferably) must put a stamp (tasgil) in the migration department to allow the child to leave the country. Migration department at the place of registration or central in the Abassey area (Cairo). This is due to the fact that the child did not enter the country, permission is required for his initial exit. After the child arrives in Egypt again, in order to leave the country, he will not need any stamp from the migration service of Egypt.

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