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Ordering documents in Egypt, translation and legalization of documents

Preparation and control of documents for foreign citizens in Egypt. Legalization and translation

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If you are not in Egypt, but you need to obtain documents that have ever connected you or do connect you with Egypt. Such documents may include:

  1. Birth certificates of children in Egypt
  2. Certificates of marriage or divorce in Egypt
  3. Evidence of ownership (if we are talking about apartments, you can get documents certifying ownership, request them or get them through a court order)
  4. Death certificates
  5. Diplomas of graduation from higher educational institutions
  6. Certificates of work, salary, place of work or income
  7. Any court rulings, archival data and other documents that may be required in Egypt.

You can independently obtain any of the above documents, however, if you do not have time or opportunity to come to Egypt, then the easiest but not the fastest way, the most legal way to obtain it is to prepare an international power of attorney for a lawyer or an authorized person in Egypt. Preparing a power of attorney for a representative in Egypt is a special process, it is not just a simple process that might include notarization alone. International documents require translation and legalization, and sometimes an apostille. For Egypt, an apostille is not required. Powers of attorney also differ in personal and commercial purposes. Our company provides services for preparing a power of attorney for a foreign client – read more about this here.

Any document received by the competent authorities in Egypt must also be legalized by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and only after that stamps of assurance are put on the original document (as well as on the translation) by the Consulate of your country.

We provide services for obtaining documents in Egypt, their certification, translation of documents into other languages and certification in the consulate of your country. Further assurance at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice of your country can also be carried out by our representatives in different cities, if necessary.

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We practice in
  • Establishing business in Egypt
  • Marriages, divorces, inheritance, children's rights
  • Crimes, defending in court with any difficulty
  • Construction and Real Estate. Claims of Real Estate cases
  • U.S. notaries, green-cards for egyptians-americans, passports, documents
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