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Preparation and cancellation of powers of attorney for Egypt

How to prepare properly a power of attorney for a lawyer working in Egypt to protect your interests. Cancellation of powers of attorney in Egypt

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To represent your interests in Egypt in the courts, competent authorities, police stations, business registration departments, real estate registration departments, any government bodies, a citizen acting with the help of a trustee, lawyer or representative, requires a power of attorney.

A power of attorney can be made, and can also be canceled. Any representative in Egypt who does not act according to the law on a canceled power of attorney may be deprived of the power of attorney, and in some difficult cases, punished criminally.

A power of attorney for action in Egypt is not similar to a power of attorney for action on the territory of any other country, or even does not look like a power of attorney (a Tawkeel in Arabic) for action in Egypt between citizens of one country. The power of attorney of a foreign citizen to a representative in the ARE (regardless of nationality) must be in Arabic.

Powers of attorney can be personal or commercial. There are two ways to sign a power of attorney. On the territory of Egypt, it may take several days (first, preparing the text, in some cases obtaining permission in the passport on a visa, then signing at a notary with a lawyer. In this case, the principal must be personally present at all signings, have an official translator whose name will be indicated in the power of attorney (the translator must be an official translator with the profession of translator in his national ID (bitaqa) – this is a very desirable requirement in order to avoid further problems).

A power of attorney can be executed in your home country at almost any notary. It is worth noting here that not all notaries are ready to certify powers of attorney for signing a marriage (or a marriage contract). Our special form of power of attorney assumes the fulfillment of all the conditions of the wife in the territory of registration of marriage. We have already mentioned in the article on marriage that the bride can sign a marriage contract on the basis of a power of attorney. However, she does not need a fiancé visa. A power of attorney for marriage can only be issued by notaries verified by us in the territory of your home country. If you are not in there (in your country) currently, then we will find and check a notary for you and will cooperate with him in the future.

Powers of attorney for commercial purposes are more expensive, require more time for verification and legalization. A commercial power of attorney is performed by almost any notary. We check its content and translation, as in Egypt there are very high requirements for compliance with the understanding of the text of the power of attorney. And in the case of commercial powers of attorney, there are ready-made and mandatory forms that are used when registering a company in Egypt.

Preparation of a power of attorney by our representatives in other countries is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. We prepare the text of the power of attorney
  2. Selection of a notary, agreement of the text
  3. Client’s trip to the notary, signing the power of attorney
  4. Sending a courier to the client to pick up the finished document (or documents, sometimes additional documents are required, such as passports – their notarized copies, etc.)
  5. Translation of the document by our specialist, verification of the document by a lawyer, editing
  6. Approval of the translation, certification of the translation by a notary. Staple documents
  7. Certification of documents in the Ministry of Justice
  8. Certification of documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  9. Certification of documents at the Consulate of the ARE in your home country
  10. Sending documents by courier to Cairo (or other city)
  11. Certification of documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt (sometimes the Ministry of Justice is also required)
  12. 12) Use of documents for their intended purpose.

Contact a lawyer to prepare documents for use in Egypt, to prepare a power of attorney for a representative in Egypt. Cancellation of powers of attorney in Egypt is carried out in accordance with the law through another attorney representative in notary offices with official notification to those authorities where it could be used. For example, the purpose of the power of attorney is a claim on a family matter. The power of attorney could be used in family civil court. Notification is made formally to the Judicial Department. All subordinate bodies will also be notified because they act through the courts, such as police stations.

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