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USA: green cards

Preparation of documents for applying for resident green cards in the United States to citizens of Egypt. Consultations, low prices

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Lawyer Mr. Ayman Sultan Muhammad, who is on the list of lawyers of the US Consulate in Egypt, as well as his partners, are engaged in processing and advising on obtaining green card petitions. The procedure is laborious and cumbersome. Each potential recipient faces a number of problems, as well as waiting for confirmation of the submission of his documents.

We provide assistance in filling out forms and requests for issuing a green card on behalf of your applicant, which entitles you to obtain resident status. If you want to get a green card from your spouse, from your parents or children, this is the very first priority of a resident permit. However, all applicants who are US citizens who transfer the right to own green cards to you must provide the proper level of income, tax reporting to grant this right.

After we, together with you and your guarantor (U.S. citizen, your spouse, parents or children) submit an I-300 Form request for a green card, it can take from 3-4 months to 1.5 years, after which, if your application is accepted by the Department of Migration, you can apply for a visa for family reunification at the same time (if we are talking about spouses) – a K-3 visa.

During preparation an I-130 Form for a green card request, the applicant (U.S. citizen) must provide the recipient (at our request) with a form of guarantee, which may also be filed with another relative or even just a friend. Applicant must provide an I-864 filled out Form, a proof of income of 125% of the minimum income in the applicable state ( where the spouses reside. And for those living outside the United States, this figure is considered as for 48 states, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the US Virginia Islands and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. As of March 1, 2022 these figures are: $22,887 for two family members, $28,787 for three family members, so $5,900 is added for each family member. The applicant must also show W-2 tax returns for the last year and the previous three ones, and attach 1099 income forms. In any case, any means other than those stated above are good to help to prove income. US citizens who work abroad and receive official income are also required to report taxes and submit income information.

Once the most important document of the applicant’s financial responsibility is uploaded into the system, confirmation of receipt of Form I-130 can be expected, after which the spouses can apply for a visa for family reunification.

When eligibility for a green card is approved by the US Department of Immigration (USCIS) and the US Department of Security (DHS), the request will be sent to the consulate for an interview, you will be assigned an interview date at the US consulate. Interviews usually take place with each spouse individually. In this case, the questions of the officer will be aimed at revealing that your marriage is valid, and not fraud. After successfully passing the interview, you will receive permission to obtain an immigrant visa. Upon arrival in the United States, you must visit the Department of Immigration with a filled out I-485 application within 60 days to finally receive a green card.

After receiving a green card, US residents are not allowed to stay outside the US for more than six months. If this happens, the green card may be canceled if the resident does not apply for an SB1 visa to return to the United States with justification for the long stay outside the resident’s country. If the green card is canceled, the obtaining process is performed anew with the submission of the I-130 form by the applicant.

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