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Notary issues in Cairo

Services and legal assistance in the preparation of notarial documents for Egypt or in Egypt for other countries

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Notarial services are in demand daily: certification, legalization and translation of documents in Egypt for foreigners. Our office is not a notary office, we do not have a notary, but every day we are faced with the fact that we have to interact with notaries and facilitating bodies to certify documents that must work not only in Egypt, but also in your own country.

Drafting and certification of powers of attorney – independently or with the help of a lawyer

Translation, certification and legalization of documents for submission to various authorities, visa centers and other departments, consulates in Egypt and abroad

Verification and reconciliation of documents – this mainly concerns the texts of powers of attorney, because in Egypt the legal departments proofread texts in Arabic very carefully and if the text of a document or power of attorney can be understood in two ways, then it may be rejected by the judiciary and other departments. And for some operations, there is a certain standard text, the entire text of which must be saved in Arabic.

We are working in other countries to prepare powers of attorney for foreign citizens to operate in Egypt. We provide assistance in other countries in the preparation of documents, we provide consulting services and check texts in Arabic to fully comply with the requirements of the internal authorities of Egypt and all related departments.

We will assist in the legalization and receipt of documents in Arabic, English or Russian for submission to government agencies in other countries.

Personal meeting with Attorneys and Legal Consultants in office. Professional advices - fees start from 700 EGP per 30 mins

We practice in
  • Establishing business in Egypt
  • Marriages, divorces, inheritance, children's rights
  • Crimes, defending in court with any difficulty
  • Construction and Real Estate. Claims of Real Estate cases
  • U.S. notaries, green-cards for egyptians-americans, passports, documents
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