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Preparation and legalization of documents and powers of attorney in your country for Egypt

Preparation and control of documents for foreign citizens in Egypt. Legalization and translation

Any document that must be submitted to the state authorities of the Arab Republic of Egypt must be translated and certified. As in any country, documents are accepted only in Arabic. Any consulate in Egypt requires translation into their own languages, and any consulate issues documents for action in Egypt in Arabic (for example, marriage certificates for women getting married, permission to represent the interests of prisoners or arrested citizens).

Our company provides services and assistance in the preparation and certification of the necessary documents that must and will work in Egypt:

1) If you open a branch or a commercial representative office in Egypt

Then you will need all the statutory documents of the main company, a power of attorney for a lawyer, an accountant, separately for your own representative (if you need it), registration documents (this is the Charter of the company, registration data of the company ), a preliminary contract with an Egyptian counterparty for the provision of services to them by your parent company, tax documents with your taxation scheme in the country of the parent company. All of the above documents must be translated into Arabic and checked by a lawyer. Translations must be notarized, legalized by the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country, in some cases the Ministry of Justice. And, most importantly, the documents must have the seal of the Egyptian consulate, which is located in major cities in other countries (Information on consulates from 2022, July):

  • a. United Kingdom – 2 Lowndes Street, Belgravia, London SW1X 9ET (+44(0)2072359777)
  • b. Germany – Stauffenbergstr. 6-7 10785 Berlin (030 477 547 0)
  • c. United States, Washington – 3521 International Ct. N.W., Washington D.C. 20008, (+1 (202) 8955400)
  • d. United States, Chicago – 500 Michigan Avenue, 19th Floor, Suite, #1900, Chicago, IL 60611 (312 8289162)
  • e. United States, Houston – 5718 Westheimer Rd Suite #1350, Houston, TX 77057 ((1713)9614915)
  • f. United States, New York – 1110 Second Avenue, Suite # 201, New York, NY 10022 (1 (212) 759-7120/7121/7122)
  • g. United States, San Francisco – 3001 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94115 ( 1(415) 346-9700/9702/9352)
  • h. France – 56, Avenue Diena, 75116 Paris, France ((+33) 1 53678830-32)
  • i. Argentina – Embajada de Egypt 3140 Virrey Del Pino,(codigo Postal 1426) Belgrano (R) ( (+5411)45533311)
  • j. Italy – 00199, ROMA – VILLA SAVOIA, VIA SALARIA, 267, ROMA C. P. 7133 ((003906) 84401976)
  • k. Canada – 454 Laurier Avenue, East Ottawa, Ontario K1N6R3 ( (613)234-4931, (613)234-4935)
  • l. Canada – 1 Place Ville Marie, # 2617 , QUE H3B 4S3 ((514) 866 84 55, 866 8456, 866 8457)
  • m. Most countries have an ARE consulate – ask or search if we have not indicated it here

2) If you open a new company

Then you only need a power of attorney for a lawyer and an accountant in Egypt. For its execution, you also need to draw up a power of attorney with a lawyer and sign it at a notary, translate it into Arabic and legalize it in your country. For legalization details, please contact the consular department of the Arab Republic of Egypt in your country.

3) If you hire a lawyer to represent your interests in Egypt on any legal issues

You will need a power of attorney for a lawyer of a special form, which includes a description of his actions on your task. You must prepare and legalize the power of attorney in your country in accordance with the requirements of the Egyptian consulate. Find and contact the consulate.

4) If you marry (or divorce)

If you marry (or divorce) an Egyptian husband by proxy, as well as for inheritance after the death of a spouse, custody of joint children after a divorce and any family issues, a special form of power of attorney is required, verification by a lawyer is required.

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