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Implementation of Foreign Judgments

Enforcement (Implementation) of Foreign Judgment: Compromising For Prosperity If your company’s business is a part of the international market if it’s providing services outside the…

Enforcement (Implementation) of Foreign Judgment: Compromising For Prosperity

If your company’s business is a part of the international market if it’s providing services outside the border, it must abide to certain laws that govern how things work in case of partnership with foreign organizations, and those laws might actually contradict or somehow come in conflict with the rules that outline inner system of laws in your country.  That is basically the explanation of what is enforcement of foreign judgment.  Naturally, a wide variety of issues may arise when that happens. Granted that it isn’t an easy task to adequately organize your business even when it’s only governed by the legal system of one country, it’s predictable that when multiple foreign parties are influencing the business, things can get quite messy, so to speak.

International Relationships: Finding the Balance

This is why any company that is interested in distributing their product to other countries or in any other way manifesting itself on the international business arena, needs a find an international lawyer in Egypt whose specialty is regulating inevitable issues in that situation so that each of the multiple sides is satisfied.  There is no simple and universally accepted code of laws for every country in the world, because each country (despite the fact that international communications is an important part of any country’s economy) has the right to define how much they are willing to accept enforcements of foreign judgments. Completely ignoring them is not going to turn out well for any country, but abiding to them too much without any resistance may destabilize the inner economy, especially if the legal system within a certain country is significantly different from the legal system that is used in the country or a group of countries it has business relationships with.

Professionals at Work: Diplomacy of Justice and Peace

Even though there is no common set of rules when it come to foreign judgment accepted by all counties, the majority of them are listed in several worldwide agreements and have signed declarations that were sealed at international conventions, most of which happened decades ago. This surely does simplify the task of understanding how exactly should every single case of enforcement be dealt with, but only to some degree. Lawsuits that are trying to resolve conflicts in international law are some of the most complicated ones and can last for months and even years despite the fact that both countries are technically following the same set of rules. Therefore, when we say that these declarations had “simplified” things, it doesn’t mean that dealing with such cases had become a walk in the park.

Small Details and Major Issues:  Hire an Expert

Even the best lawyer in Egypt can have the hardest time regulating such conflicts, because just as different countries often cannot find common ground, so do the companies that are involved in the lawsuit. Business contracts can take hundreds of pages and still be pretty vague, owners can be quite stubborn and stiff about what they want and unwilling to find a compromise.

Civilized Approach: Don’t Let Down Your Homeland

Dealing with even one government when it has some objections to what a certain company is doing can be absolutely exhausting and troublesome. Now imagine how mush skill and experience must be put into satisfying a number of them while each one has its own legal system.  This is why, under no circumstances, should a company owner rely on his own wits or even on the company’s corporate lawyer in Egypt: dealing with international relationships is a very specific and complicated thing that is quite a challenge even to an international lawyer in Egypt that has years of experience in the field. If your company needs to regulate it’s policy according to foreign enforcement of judgment, find the best and the most experienced lawyer possible, because international courts can be quite harsh.

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