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Preparation of questionnaires and documents for obtaining any types of visas to Russia

Preparation of documents and application forms for the submission of visas to Russia for citizens of Egypt

IMPORTANT for Egyptians: Do not call to lawyers for the visa questions. Follow the conditions here! Telephone questions about visas will be cancelled.

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Egyptian citizens who wish to travel to Russia are eligible to obtain the following types of visas at the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Egypt:

Tourist visa to Russia for an Egyptian

To obtain this type of visa, it is necessary to provide sufficient evidence that the citizen intends to return. A bank statement on income for the last six months is a must, ready-made tickets for booked hotels and a plane to Russia (mostly tourist cities are considered – Moscow, St. Petersburg). To obtain a visa to some remote cities, a problem may arise when obtaining a permit. Each passport of an ARE citizen is carefully checked by the national security of the country. The authorized body of the FSB (FBI) issues an entry permit, after which an Egyptian citizen receives a tourist visa within a period of 2 to 10 working days.

Preparation of the questionnaire, collection of documents, verification of your passport, bank statement and your intentions are carried out by a certain visa department together with the work of our lawyers. You can get advice on how realistic it is for you to get a tourist visa to Russia. Consultation is provided only in email mode. Leave your application to check your possibilities to get a tourist visa to Russia. Do not call lawyers or consultants

Study visa to Russia for an Egyptian

A study visa is issued by the Consulate of the Russian Federation on the basis of an invitation from an educational institution that accepts an Egyptian student for study or courses. Our legal agency will help you find the right courses or university to study. However, in Egypt there are problems with issuing a certificate of secondary education late (at a time when all documents of applicants in Russia have already been submitted). For such cases, a school graduate either goes to study at preparatory courses, or waits for the next year for admission. And only some universities of the Russian Federation are considering a package of documents for admission after September. The usual commission for enrolling students by August is already over and on September 1st all students go to study. Contact our agency from May-June to process possible options for studying for Egyptian citizens at Russian universities.

After all your documents have been submitted and processed at an educational institution in Russia, you will receive an invitation, after which our agency will help in filling out questionnaires and submitting documents for issuing student visas to Russia.

Business visa to Russia for an Egyptian

Requirements for a business visa for an Egyptian citizen are much higher than for all others. To obtain a multiple business visa for 1 year, you must prove your business intentions and business status. An Egyptian citizen must be the owner of the company, he confirms this status with a documentary certificate of registration of the company, where his name appears as a partner. He is obliged to confirm his income from activities, for which a bank statement is provided (usually for six months). It must also show planned or ongoing work with commercial organizations in Russia.

Work visa to Russia

A visa is issued on the basis of an invitation from a company, a legal organization in Russia, which enters into a contract with an Egyptian citizen for his employment for a certain period. Usually it is 1 year, while the Egyptian must sign a work contract to receive an invitation and his official employment in Russia.

Private visas to Russia for citizens of Egypt

Private visas from citizens of the Russian Federation for citizens of Egypt are not allowed in all regions. Private visas are issued by medical institutions to invite Egyptian citizens to undergo treatment in the Russian Federation. As well as private visas are issued by ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation as private invitations, however, in some regions, proof of kinship between the inviting party and the invitee is required. Also, private visas are issued to citizens who are married, if a citizen of the Russian Federation is currently in Russia and cannot apply for a family visa to his spouse. In recent years, it has become possible to issue a notarized statement from a Russian citizen spouse who is in the Russian Federation at the time of the invitation. According to a notarized application, the consul has the right to issue a visa to the spouse-citizen of Egypt for departure to the Russian Federation.

Ask for a consultation or to fill out the questionnaires and all documents for obtaining a family visa.

Family visas for Egyptian citizens to Russia

The easiest way to fly to Russia is to obtain a family visa at the consulate of the Russian Federation at the request of the spouse of a citizen of the Russian Federation. The application is made in the consular department of Russia in Egypt or is made in Russia in the form of a notarized statement. After that, you can get a multiple-entry visa valid for one year (this is usually more expensive than if you get a visa for 90 days).

Ask for a consultation or to fill out the questionnaires and all documents for obtaining a family visa.

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