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Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer in Egypt is No Easy Task Being married is not an easy thing. When two people meet, fall in love,…

Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer in Egypt is No Easy Task

Being married is not an easy thing. When two people meet, fall in love, and spend enough time with each other (or what they think is enough time) to see that they truly enjoy each other’s company despite possible differences and life challenges, naturally they decide to get married. Yet somehow, thanks to fairytales apparently (we just can’t think of any other reason), marriage is often viewed as a “happy ending” and some sort of hard-won achievement that really pays off by cementing the romance and solving all the issues. However, then it becomes clear that differences and challenges do not magically disappear just because there’s a ring on your finger. Love, sadly, can disappear faster than the rough edges that the couple was sure to find the way around so easily.

Finding a Divorce Lawyer in Egypt

The first thing that you need to do when you have decided to divorce your spouse is to find a good divorce lawyer in Egypt. “Well that shouldn’t be a problem,” – you may think. – “There are plenty of divorce lawyers in Egypt.” Correct, but we said “good divorce lawyer,” and how many of those do you know? Remember that this person is going to be your only protector. This is the person you will rely on throughout the entire process, as he’ll be fighting for your every right and entitlement. This means that he has to be experienced, preferably local (to know the judges), and, of course, respected and trustworthy (because a lawyer can be very “experienced” by losing cases for decades).

Proof of kinship and other services

Besides offering you the best lawyers who, for a reasonable price, can quickly take care of your ruined marriage, Ayman Sultan Law Firm would like to mention that these and other professional helpers can save your day in various other situations when it comes to kinship issues. A rather long list includes cases of conditioned divorce (which is, frankly, a bit different) proving kinship (with a wife, or a child, or any other relative), or if you need to prove that a testament is legit (or, in fact, not legit), and, of course, one of the most complicated matters that require a particularly sophisticated approach, which is applying for guardianship.  And that’s saying something, when in such delicate area of personal and legal relationships as family law in Egypt, there is one particularly difficult one.  But thankfully, we have got some of the most professional people in the field of legal help in Egypt. They have surely got their own families as well, do not forget about it. Moreover, divorce lawyers also get divorced. Sometimes divorce lawyers divorce divorce lawyers (we hope you follow) and each divorcing divorce lawyer hires his own divorce lawyer (we hope you still follow), and that’s quite a show to witness when they all meet in the same room.

In conclusion

As you can see, not only getting married doesn’t mean a happy ending, but even when you change your mind and want to divorce, it is still just as much of a challenge, and even a harder one, because now there’s nothing romantic about it, yet bitterness and confrontation flow over the top.  There is something ironic about how most couples put just as much effort and passion into divorce (if not more) as into marriage. Now imagine what it is like to be a divorce lawyer. You must have a true gift to be finding calm and reasonable ways to discuss such subjects as “how often you, a natural parent, are allowed to see your own child,” “how much of your hard earned money and property should go to this person you don’t love anymore” and so on with two spouses in one room. And after all that some people blame divorce lawyers for being heartless! You can’t imagine how much heart and empathy this job requires.

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