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Alimony payments in Egypt after divorce. Requesting child support from an Egyptian husband

Alimony (child support) for a child from an Arab after a divorce in court

Child support after divorce is a right that can be obtained by the child’s guardian after the final divorce and after the establishment of guardianship (Article on how the right of guardianship is established). If the mother is a guardian and has received this right in court, then she has every right to file a claim for reimbursement of child support. Child support is spent in a strictly prescribed form, the court can even ask the mother to provide checks for the waste of alimony.

If your ex-husband and father of the child is rich, then you and the lawyer will have to prove his property and income in court so that the judge assigns a fair amount allocated for the life and education of the child. If you expect to receive some profit from an unofficially employed ex-husband, then there may be problems with proof of his income. You can also prove the existence of property, and in the meantime, the court can oblige the father to sell this property and allocate money for the life of the child in a timely manner.

In general, the issue of alimony after a divorce between spouses in this country is not a frequent case. Mom and Egyptian ex-wife returns to her parents and they all raise the child up, as far as the budget allows them. And the husband, if the ex spouses have a good relationship, assists in the upbringing of the child. In the case of a foreigner, many people are used to the fact that the state obliges the husband to pay alimony in a certain amount in court. In Egypt, regarding alimony, the chain is as follows:

  1. The ex-wife, the mother of the child, sues the ex-husband, the father of the child for the payment of alimony. Depending on the evidence provided, which the wife can provide to determine the amount of the payment, the court appoints some fact checking: the presence of property, cars, where she (the ex wife) works and what amounts are in the accounts.
  2. The court notifies the ex-husband and father of the child of the hearing. He must come.
  3. The court issues a warrant for the amount of alimony to be paid if the husband’s financial status is good.
  4. If the husband does not pay alimony, he can be taken into custody, he can spend time in prison.

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