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US: Consulate Issues in Egypt

US Consulate in Egypt – handling and resolving a number of issues on visas and documents, on scheduling meetings at the consulate. Contact for a consultation

Ayman Sultan Muhammad lawyer is on the list of lawyers for the US Consulate in Egypt, which deals with a number of civil matters, and in many cases the personal appearance of citizens is required. Our specialists provide consulting services and assistance in preparing forms and documents for submitting requests for all consular issues:

  1. Personal appearance at the US Consulate by appointment only – a long line, a long waiting list. It is possible to arrange urgent interviews if there is evidence of urgency, which includes urgent work, study, death or treatment in the United States. For personal appearances at the US Consulate, you must make an appointment using an electronic line, which usually does not work because everything is booked or unavailable. Contact us, we know when a meeting is necessary and under what conditions. For example, requesting an appointment to file a request for the birth of a US citizen child abroad requires the initial preparation of all documents and only then will it be possible to make an appointment.
  2. Passport issues of US citizens – we solve these issues together with you online, you come to a meeting to obtain a passport;
  3. Issues of accepting citizenship of newborn children in Egypt from one of the parents of a US citizen;
  4. Issues of issuing a permit to marry an Egyptian;
  5. Notarial issues: signing powers of attorney, special forms, declarations;
  6. Visa issues: tourist, educational, work;
  7. Immigration issues of green cards;
  8. Preparation for the interview.

Contact our agency with all your questions, leave your request in electronic form with a description of the problem. A specialist will contact you to accurately determine the cost of the service.

Personal meeting with Attorneys and Legal Consultants in office. Professional advices - fees start from 700 EGP per 30 mins

We practice in
  • Establishing business in Egypt
  • Marriages, divorces, inheritance, children's rights
  • Crimes, defending in court with any difficulty
  • Construction and Real Estate. Claims of Real Estate cases
  • U.S. notaries, green-cards for egyptians-americans, passports, documents
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