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Fraud and financial or business crime

Theft and fraud under the guise of business investment is one of the main and most common types of fraud in the financial sector. There…

Fraud in financial legal field in Egypt - picture

Theft and fraud under the guise of business investment is one of the main and most common types of fraud in the financial sector. There are several ways to operate in the financial field:

In Egypt, scammers officially open a new company for business, either in the investment or real estate sectors. They invite (with a hidden meaning) people to pay  to receive benefits. The financial brokerage markets are illegal in Egypt and the government blocks these companies and arrests the owners.

Contact us immediately if you have joined or if you have any doubts about your investment that you have paid:

  • If your investment is based on profit from trading Bitcoin trading. In this situation, sooner or later the brokerage firm closes, and you will lose your money without any compensation. The owners will escape or they will be sentenced to prison. And you will become a partner in crime in this case.
  • If you have ever tried or have invested in the trade market, you have to know this is also illegal in Egypt. The brokerage firm will probably never give you your money back.
  • If you have already paid for a property (located in resort towns (touristic cities) like Hurghada or Sharm-El-Sheikh) you have never seen before, it was never built, and the brokerage has never given or shown you any documentation to the real estate. If you have never gone through the legal process to buy an apartment, however, you have signed a contract with a brokerage firm.
  • If you have paid for export products  to the company (must be on the official  list of authorized exporters of Egypt) that you have not seen and  never checked the official documents of.
  • If you have partially paid a co-owner of Egyptian business that you have not dealt with before, or if you have doubts about your deal. Or you have never signed and legalized the official documents of your deal.

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