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Arrest of foreign citizens in Egypt

If your spouse or brother is taken away by masked men, that’s national security. The person taken will be deported

Arrest of foreign citizens in Egypt is a very common problem among emigrants, especially in the last ten years or more. Previously, foreigner Muslims came to Egypt to study at Islamic schools, institutes, and to work. Today, many migrate simply to escape the strict regime and control in their country. And in some cases, people come to Egypt who at least get away from the persecution of police.

If your relatives were arrested in Egypt - picture

There are some rules that you should follow while in another country:

  1. Compliance with the visa regime: many compatriots, having arrived for permanent residence in Egypt, do not renew their visas for years, and then they face similar problems in the law on illegal stay in the country. For violating the visa regime, a non-resident of the ARE can be deported back to his country.
  2. Separate Muslim communities should be avoided, and we say this from the point of view of the law, and not from the position of gathering donations for prayers. Any of your statements about the country which you are in (and perhaps even illegally), about politics, about religion, about the leadership of the country can be interpreted differently by other people. In your statements, a threat to the national security of the country can be seen. What follows from the above, you probably already guessed.

If you find yourself in a situation in which your relatives, husband, brother were taken away by people in coveralls and with weapons (mostly men, of course), then 99% of you should expect your relative to be deported to the country to which he belongs. And he will get in touch a maximum of a month after the arrest. If there were any serious violations of the law, then you (wife) and your children may be next for deportation. In all other cases, it makes no sense for the wives of deported citizens to stay away from their families, and then the question of legally leaving the country arises – arranging a visa and legal exit from Egypt. Because in case of departure with a very long visa delay, arrest and even imprisonment for several months for violating the visa regime is possible + paying a fine can follow. However, if you are still itching to find out if your relative is under arrest for other reasons, you can contact our lawyers who know where to start looking. We do not give any guarantee that he will be released, rather the opposite – he will be 99% deported or convicted in the territory of the ARE. But in the case of an accusation, a lawyer can help with the defense in court, with an appeal.

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