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Visas, certificates

Services for the preparation, collection, submission of documents and questionnaires for obtaining visas to the countries of the Russian Federation, the USA, Canada

Our company and partners represented by agencies in Egypt and in target visa countries offer services in the preparation of documents, questionnaires, applications for requesting visas to the countries of the Russian Federation, Canada, the USA, as well as visas for foreign citizens in Egypt for legal residence in the territory of this country .

The main area is tourist visas, a tourist visa to Russia, with all the necessary documents and a passport, is done within 30 days – exactly that much time the FSB (FBI) needs to check a citizen for the possibility of issuing visas. There are a number of other types of visas, including study, business, private. You can read about all the area (here).

Canada issues tourist visas to citizens of Arab states (and not only) within 3-4 months. We make all applications online on behalf of the applicant.

The US issues tourist visas approximately one year after the request. So plan your holidays in advance. Other types of visas can also be obtained in the United States, if there are grounds for this. Our company is on the list of lawyers of the US Consulate in Cairo, we work with citizens of the United States in Egypt, as well as citizens of Egypt who have received the status of a resident or citizen of the United States.

Visas for foreigners in Egypt are issued for a period of 30 days with the right to a free extension up to 90 days. In case of violation of the visa regime for 1 year, the departing foreign citizen is obliged to pay a fine. If the visa violation period is much longer, then it is better to play it safe and arrange all the necessary documents and permits in advance, otherwise a situation may arise in which a person will be detained at the airport and not allowed to board the flight. The Migration Service of Egypt has every right to detain the violator for several days, for 15 days in a pre-trial detention center (in case of more severe violations until the prosecutor pronounces a sentence).

Documents upon request from the US – if you are a US citizen or had any relation to US citizens, if you need to file a request for the issuance of US documents such as a marriage certificate, death certificate, birth certificate, or  divorce certificate, then we are ready to provide these services if you have enough documents necessary to fulfill this request without the need to travel to the United States.

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  • U.S. notaries, green-cards for egyptians-americans, passports, documents
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