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Defense in court, appeals, lawsuits in Egypt

Litigation in Egypt of any complexity. It is conducted by professional lawyer Ayman Sultan

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In any situation regarding the Egyptian judicial system, you can count on the help of our lawyers. We provide assistance in litigation, both as a defender and as an attorney for the plaintiff, the prosecution. Before filing a lawsuit, our lawyers offer a strategy for negotiating with opponents, but in most cases we insure ourselves with a power of attorney, because in case of failure in negotiations, we act instantly, implementing the most important plan that is discussed with the client in advance.

We have good experience in filing claims in cases:

  1. Freezing the construction or commissioning of a property
  2. Non-observance of rights under the labor code, dismissal
  3. Commercial claims against other beneficiary companies
  4. Commercial lawsuits regarding disagreement between sellers-exporters and recipients-foreign companies;
  5. Claims for traffic accidents, incident, murder
  6. Claims for fraud, theft, extortion
  7. Lawsuits for harassment, violence, forced sex

As a defense, we acted in many cases in Egypt with foreigners and Egyptians:

  1. Defense in Egypt in a prostitution case against a public prosecutor
  2. Defense in court after causing grievous bodily harm
  3. Defense on charges of murder
  4. Defense on charges of distribution, transportation, possession of drugs
  5. Commercial defense in court against claims of consumers, clients

For any case, in most cases we file an appeal in order to achieve the best result that we can count on. The litigation in Egypt is a long and troublesome process for the parties, which can actually drag on for many years.

The most protracted case we have, which has been going on since 2013 and up to this day concerns a lawsuit against a construction company for a refund of the amount paid for an apartment in El Gouna.

The parties can sometimes get tired of the process and offer a joint solution of issues and often, this is an excellent alternative, on which lawyers sign a new agreement of the parties and implementation deadlines. At the same time, the court must also fix the transaction, and at the same time, the verdict of the court will be a new transaction by agreement of the parties.

Personal meeting with Attorneys and Legal Consultants in office. Professional advices - fees start from 700 EGP per 30 mins

We practice in
  • Establishing business in Egypt
  • Marriages, divorces, inheritance, children's rights
  • Crimes, defending in court with any difficulty
  • Construction and Real Estate. Claims of Real Estate cases
  • U.S. notaries, green-cards for egyptians-americans, passports, documents
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