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Commercial legal services

Any direction of commercial activity in Egypt. New companies, popular export destinations, imports. New NPPs (Al-Dabaa), partners of Egyptian companies

Cairo and the resort cities of Egypt are always open to many people every day. Many people realize the chances of investing here in Egypt are better than ever before. Egypt is growing economically: a very large variety of commercial destinations, the discovery of new different technologies by Asian companies, the development and investment of the Suez Canal, the expansion of its patency, oil production and exploration. The real estate industry is attracting more investors each year (more than 10% annually), and many developments are now located in the New Capital of Cairo and the resort areas around the North Coast and Ain Sokhna. International education is expanding, the flow of foreign specialists and teachers who are invited to work by universities and schools in Egypt is increasing. The cost of living in Egypt is growing, the price of food is growing in line with other countries and the dollar. Real estate rentals and real estate purchase prices are rising especially after the covid pandemic in the world. This is due to the fact that many people want and they do invest in real estate development, construction investment and many other commercial areas.

In connection with these facts, foreign companies intend to open and develop business in Egypt. Egypt is a country that is open for trade, and many licensed companies provide import and export of products to Egypt, from Egypt to countries in Russia, Europe, the Middle East and countries adjacent to Egypt. Each new commercial company goes through a series of check-ups, stages of certification and registration. All stages of registration of an organization require a professional approach, legal and financial due diligence, verification of the tax base during registration and a scheme of work on tax legislation.

Ayman Sultan Law Firm provides a full cycle of work on opening a company in Egypt and starting a business in Egypt, financial management at the stage of company formation, accounting, opening all types of companies, business support and accounting during the work process. Particular attention is given to import and export companies, for which a decisive and important factor is the verification of international contracts between the parties concluding contracts, as well as verification of the licensing of exporters, requesting the necessary documents.

Creation and launch of a company

Legal assistance and support for an accountant in the process of opening a new company or branch of a company in Egypt, a representative office of a company, LLC, OJSC, CJSC, and such individual entrepreneurs in Egypt, registration and obtaining certificates.

Business financier

Opening bank accounts for new companies, setting the basic capital, calculations and reports on taxes and duties. Monthly, quarterly and annual income reports submitted to government agencies.

Checking import/export contracts

Verification of pre-signed contracts for the import or export of products based on international trade law and Egyptian export law. Checking the legal possibility and certification of a company exporting products from Egypt to other countries.

Taxes in Egypt

Modern system of taxation in Egypt. An article based on frequent questions from customers about what is better to choose from taxes in order for it to be cheaper. Question about non-taxable contracts.

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