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Translation and legalization of documents

Requiring, translation and legalization of document fo foreign citizens in Egypt

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Translation of documents for action in Egypt or vice versa for action in other countries is carried out by competent translators or offices. Any documents that our company takes for the full cycle of translation and legalization are checked in both languages ​​to provide the most accurate information from the original source. Translation and legalization is carried out in the following cases:

Obtaining documents in Egypt for use in your country (these are any personal certificates, about birth, marriage, divorce, death. These are certificates and documents used on the territory of your home country, for example, certificates of the place of work and income of a spouse for submission to social security authorities on territory of your country, court decisions and other legal documents in Egypt).

Originals or duplicates of original documents are received by a representative in Egypt, translated, verified, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt (mandatory requirement), certified by the original, legalized by the original and certified by the translation. Further necessary legalization may be required in the country of yours. This requirement is checked at the time of receipt of the legalized document on the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Obtaining documents in your home country for operation in Egypt has an almost similar process. You receive the original document from the original source (power of attorney, birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates, training certificates, commercial documents, authorized capital, and other documents necessary to implement your plans in Egypt). For example, a couple is married only in the USA, but the wife wants to receive a marriage registration certificate in Egypt, which will be the same date as the document in the United States, upon presentation of the appropriate prepared marriage certificate in the USA (by the way, the original is confiscated upon registration of a marriage previously concluded in the United States, get a duplicate and we will work with it).

After receiving the original with wet signatures and seals, it can be handed over to our representatives and they will do the rest: translation and verification of the document into Arabic by a competent translator, certification of the translation by a notary, certification of the bonded document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home country, the Ministry of Justice, the Egyptian Consulate in the territory of your country, sending documents to Egypt, certification at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice of Egypt is already in Cairo or in the city where these certification bodies are present.

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