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Registration of guardianship and maternal rights of caring for your own child

If the child was taken by the father in Egypt, what should the mother do?

After your divorce from your spouse is finalized, there is a risk that your husband may take your child if you have not agreed to raise him together. According to the law and according to Shariah, the child must be with the mother. As we wrote earlier, there is a widespread opinion that a foreign woman wants to take a child and leave for her country, and many men are very afraid of this, so they try to protect themselves as much as possible. For example, putting the child on the block list for departure.

Do not worry, you can work and raise children in Egypt, and inviting your relatives here will also not be any problem. If you have realized the need to raise a child on your own, then your business is to obtain full custody of the child through the courts.

If the husband took the child in Egypt?

Get custody by contacting a lawyer in court. Any woman has the right to have a small child and live under her care, regardless of religion. And only a few judges directly clarify the issue of religion in order to make sure that the mother will give the child, born of a Muslim father, the right upbringing in Islam.

First of all, you need to determine all your risks. Perhaps the lawyer will negotiate with the husband before the trial. Ask for advice, come by to our office directly for a consultation with a lawyer. It will be easier for you if you speak English or Arabic. Otherwise, you will need an interpreter – indicate this when filling out the appointment booking form.

At the consultation you will receive a detailed plan of action and prices, evaluate your options and chances.

If a child is on the stop list in Egypt?

Firstly, such information must be checked, not always what your ex-husband says is true. Secondly, the stop list is not a problem. After a few years, it can be canceled, updated. In addition, after coming of age, the child can independently decide where to fly to. Therefore, you can plan his life in Egypt, his education, and for example, consider a future institute in your own country. Time flies quickly and the child will grow up almost imperceptibly.

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