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Registration of marriage with an Egyptian citizen. Marry an Egyptian

Foreign girls who marry an Arab (Egyptian) should know this

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Most often, there were female clients who married a foreigner, and changed their place of residence (permanent residence). Before formalizing a marriage with an Egyptian man or an Egyptian woman, it is worth remembering that for foreign women with an Arab husband, the divorce rate is high. But you should not focus too much on this, because in other countries the divorce rate also leaves much to be desired. If all decisions are weighed and you know what you are going for, but you don’t know how to act, contact a specialist, a lawyer. Our prices are quite acceptable and quite flexible system of mutual settlements. It is very important not to use so-called brokers. Your future spouse may have heard of individuals who offer services to do everything without your participation, but for a lot of money. This may be the beginning of another more serious case, like fraud or financial fraud. A professional lawyer specializing in marriage with an Egyptian and the legal execution of a contract has all the necessary documents certifying him as a lawyer in court, police and other competent authorities. In addition, a lawyer with a higher legal education has a note in his passport about his position “LAWYER”. It is worth checking the documents of the person offering the service first.

There are no difficulties in the marriage procedure between an Egyptian bride and a foreign groom. All procedures are quite simple and consistent. The man must also provide a certificate of his personal status. It’s better to take in consideration the fact that a man who has found an Arab girl (as his future wife to be) who professes Islam is also a Muslim and, in fact, he knows all the nuances of marriage. Nevertheless, an international marriage, as in the case of a foreign bride, must be officially registered with all authorities.

Worth knowing for girls who marry an Egyptian citizen

When marrying an Arab, a woman must be notified of other nuances of marriage:

  1. Any actions of the authorities and the law are based on the rules set forth in the Koran and do not contradict them.
  2. The bride must not be married to another man or after her divorce, at least 3 months must pass (according to Shariah). It is worth considering that if a woman is still married in her home country and marries an Egyptian and the consulate of her home country in Egypt for some reason did not detect her current marriage, then the woman automatically violates both laws of the two countries. In many countries nowadays, as in Egypt, polyandry is prohibited and punished in accordance with the law (in particular, in Egypt, a criminal offense is punishable by depriving a wife of liberty for a term of 6 months in prison).
  3. The groom is obliged to support his wife and indicate in the marriage contract the amount of gifts that he gives to the bride in monetary terms. And by law, he really must give jewelry or money to the bride as a gift. In case of a divorce at the initiative of the husband, the award (gifts, bride service) is not returned, and in casr of a divorce at the initiative of the wife, she is obliged to return the specified amount.
  4. The religion of the wife is indicated in the contract. If the wife subsequently converts to Islam, this can also be added and corrected in the contract by the relevant authorities.
  5. When marrying an Egyptian citizen, two men or four women must come as witnesses to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (on the basis that 1 man = 2 women). Their names are also mentioned in the contract.

A little about the ORFI marriage contract

It is translated from Arabic as an unofficial marriage contract, which implies the same content: wife and husband, parents, witnesses, living conditions. Often, couples have an ORFI contract only to provide it in hotels or to rent an apartment together. Increasingly, both hotels and landlords began to ask for official marriage contracts. ORFI can be issued by a lawyer or independently. For some consulates, ORFI must be issued strictly according to the template for issuing a marriage certificate to the bride (for example, this is done at the consulate of Ukraine, read on the consulate website about the requirements for the contract and documents in general for issuing a marriage permit). If you think that ORFI is just a piece of paper that has no legal force, you are deeply mistaken. Any mutually signed contract is valid in any country (remember loan receipts, etc.). If you simply tear up both versions of the ORFI and the third version does not exist, a lawyer or anyone else doesn’t have it either, no copy or contract exists, then we can say that you have destroyed all evidence of your marriage. However!

Here’s one real-life case about ORFI. A woman lived with a man according to ORFI, after a fight/argument, she decided to leave for her country. The man went to court to legalize the contract, bringing two witnesses confirming their cohabitation. The marriage was legalized without the woman’s participation. She was, of course, informed that her husband demanded her return to Egypt. The case was not brought to the interpol in order to find, so to speak, the runaway bride. The woman initiated the divorce by proxy to a lawyer. The case was closed without the “victims” of the divorce.

ORFI is required for a woman to obtain a fiancé visa. When registering an official contract, spouses can insist on indicating the date of marriage in accordance with the ORFI contract.

If the marriage was in any other country

If the wife invited an Egyptian husband to marry in her country. They registered their marriage in accordance with the law of the spouse’s country of residence, they were issued a marriage registration certificate. In order for this marriage to be registered in Egypt, the spouses need to go through almost all the same procedures that are described below, except for ORFI, provide a translated, legalized and certified marriage certificate by the ARE consulate in the home country. The procedure for registering a marriage includes all the same steps described below: documents, certificates, extracts, a fiance’s visa, medical certificates and, as a result, a marriage document!

Documents required for marriage with an ARE citizen

The list of required documents for registration of marriage:

  1. NO LONGER REQUIRED! A notarized certificate from the parents (if both or one of them are alive) in free form that they know about the intention of their daughter to marry an ARE citizen (full name, passport) and that she has no financial obligations in relation to them.
  2. You will need a certificate from the consulate in Arabic that the woman is a Muslim/Christian by religion and is not currently married. It is important that the full name, surname and patronymic of the woman be indicated in the certificate. So it is better for all future documents of the wife.
  3. If a woman was previously married, then she is required to provide the consulate with documents certifying her divorce. The consulate issues a certificate in Arabic, which will indicate her civil status.
  4. A man must undergo a forensic fingerprint check, provide a certificate of his marital status, as well as military duty.
  5. A man and a woman must obtain a medical certificate from the clinic that they are healthy. This will require a notarized translation of the passport into Arabic or a regular passport will do, as well as a certificate from the consulate containing the name of the woman.
  6. A woman must obtain a fiancee visa (not a tourist one), but a permanent visa for at least 6 months. This visa can be issued to a woman if she is employed in Egypt or due to marriage. At the visa center, the future husband and wife submit a request for a fiancee visa in advance, and undergo a special interview. You can wait up to three months for a visa.
  7. Only with the above documents, the bride and groom go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the marriage department and apply for marriage registration. In fact, registration can be done on the same day. Most often, documents are submitted and a registration date is set. On the day of registration of marriage with a foreigner, it is necessary for future spouses to appear with photographs, photocopies of documents, passports and witnesses.

Our company, located in Cairo, provides the service of preparing the entire set of documents until the moment of your marriage. In fact, you are only invited to register a marriage at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in some cases, a lawyer can register a marriage for you by proxy. You will need a notarized power of attorney to dispose of your documents in the authorities, passports and an advance payment of at least 50%. Specify all the nuances when contacting specialists.

Assistance in obtaining a notarized power of attorney is a paid service in which you only go to a notary in your city. We find a notary ourselves, because not all notaries agree to make such a special power of attorney for marriage. But we know how such issues are resolved.

Counseling on all matters of marriage and preparation is advised

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