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Passport issues

Preparation of documents and questionnaires for filing a request for the issuance of passports to citizens of the Russian Federation. Advice and assistance

We provide consultation and preparation of documents together with you for applying for foreign passports at the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Egypt. Passports can be issued for a period of 5 years (old type) or 10 years (new generation biometric passports). If there are 6 months or more left before the end of your passport, you can already apply for a passport.

In case of loss or damage of the passport, it is also possible to apply for the loss of the passport. It is worth considering the fact that the issuance of a passport with a 5-year validity period will take up to 3 months, and in cases of force majeure situations (covid, special operation), the period may be delayed. Issuing a new generation passport takes up to 6 months (sometimes more). It is worth noting that the replacement of a passport for children can be carried out by the parent in a very short time. There were cases when the passport was printed the very next day.

We provide a service in preparing the questionnaire and all other documents together with you, scheduling a meeting at the consulate on the passport issue, and you can also agree on a joint trip and checking documents on the spot. For any passport, it is best to have all original documents, as well as 3x4cm photographs.

Do not forget that after obtaining a new passport, you may have problems when leaving Egypt for any other country. To do this, keep your previous passport with entry stamps and visa, or you need to stamp the new one at the Egyptian Migration Service, allowing you to unimpededly leave the country.

If you lose your passport and urgently need to return back home (for a citizen of the Russian Federation), you must contact the consular department of the Russian Federation to obtain an immediate return certificate, after which you will have 15 days to return to the Russian Federation. For reference, there is also a rule for obtaining a departure permit at the Migration Department of Egypt. For more information about passport issues, migration issues, as well as for preparing a package of documents and scheduling a trip to the consulate, please contact Russian consultant.

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