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Criminal law in Egypt: theft, drugs, crimes, murders, frauds involving foreigners. Claims and defense in court, legal services in the field of criminal law

The Egyptian penal code is the supreme body regarding criminal law. Egyptian law has always been direct and powerful when it comes to murder, fraud, robbery, rape, abuse, and drugs. And there are also crimes that are directly related to the national security of the country such as “terrorism”. Today, smuggling  drugs and narcotic substances as  part of medical preparations is the most common crime. The police arrest people with several kilograms of drugs or illegal medication on them almost daily.

We have the legal capacity to manage proceedings, secure the right to a legal  defense and  prepare post-conviction appeals. We give the defendant an opportunity to change the situation for themselves and their family. We always act legally and with our own policy that everyone has the right to defend themselves and  claim their own rights.

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Legal aid in criminal cases in Egypt

When a person is accused while he or she is innocent, it might influence a person tremendously, and sometimes it is even difficult for a human being to be able to defend him/herself in court without a professional lawyer. By the Egyptian criminal law, you can certainly use your right to a free from charge lawyer if you can’t afford yourself a good one, but when it is about your freedom over the next few years or even more, you should always seek the best lawyer you can  hire.

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Should you deal with legal matters on your own?

Let’s face it, no matter how savvy you are, trying to figure things out alone is like going to war without weapons or allies. You need all the benefits you can get if you want to count on a judgment that will get you  the compensation you expect and deserve.

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Why to hire a good lawyer in Egypt is your smartest move?

You can probably gather all the evidence or corroboration to support your claim, but remember that even the slightest mistake can cost you your freedom. This is exactly why you  want to work with an experienced attorney who will be able to provide you with the best possible legal assistance while resolving your case. Our attorneys are experienced enough to be able to handle anything tough prosecutors and their legal teams may throw at you.

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Relax – You are in good hands

After hiring a lawyer in Egypt you can relax, save a lot of time and money, while the professionals will do the work. Our experienced attorneys will help you take control of the situation  and resolve it in the most beneficial way. They will make sure that you are not deceived in any way and that you will get exactly what you deserve. You don’t have to stress  over a situation that you can’t easily handle. Only having the proper legal representative is the best way to deal with complex issues. We help businesses and individuals in Egypt who face costly lawsuits.


Legal aid in murder – on the side of the accused or accuser. Complete the investigation of the incident and prepare a strong and solid claim or defense. A strong opportunity to divert the direction of the case  

Financial crimes

Financial frauds are the most frequent, usual and “ordinary” cases in expat resorts. Another type is commercial finance fraud which is often related to civil law. Proving fraud will change the case status from Civil to Criminal

Weapons and drugs

Illegal possession of weapons, drug trafficking are the most famous cases in Egypt. Thorough and detailed analysis of police codes and  reports. We act wisely and work qualitatively.

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